Along the Ramblers Highway

Can a bicycling system radically re-structure urban space? How are bicycling infrastructures made legible and accessible to their users at street level as well as at a grand urban scale? How can this mode of transportation be mapped and understood, as distinguished from the automobile and the pedestrian?

The Ramblers Highway is a daily record of notes, observations, and reflections on these questions. Using Dutch and Danish prototypes that have paved the way in creating bicycle-friendly cities, this project strives to answer not only what makes a city bicycle friendly, but how these provisions may strengthen the legibility and wayfinding potential of the city itself.

The Ramblers Highway is a blog started by David Vega-Barachowitz (Columbia University ’10) in September 2010 as part of his Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship, sponsored by Columbia University.


2 Responses to Along the Ramblers Highway

  1. Matthew says:

    David. It’s a wonderful blog and it’s only a month old. I’m enjoying the photos.

  2. Paul Steely White says:

    Hi David– thanks for this project, which my friend Pascal van der Noort (an Amsterdammer) turned me on to. pls save april 30 for the “New Amsterdam Bike Show”, a consumer oriented bike expo that will take place in Chelsea, not far from our 26th street office. maybe we can chat sometime. good luck with the project! — Paul

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