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Amsterdam to New Amsterdam: A Return to New York and the Realities of the American landscape

Notes from above the Hudson Valley Watching the landscape below me pass, I could feel the lump in my throat growing larger. Before me lay not the ancient pasturelands of Northern Ireland I had seen at the outset of my … Continue reading

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Visualizing Bicycle Share Systems

Interesting link demonstrating creative ways to map and track the success of bicycle hire schemes worldwide.  

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The Flâneur on two wheels: Velib! Bicycle Sharing and Infrastructure in the City of Light

Few bicycling systems in the world have attracted more attention than the Paris’ groundbreaking Vélib, launched in 2007. And with good reason: with over 17,000 bicycles in circulation and a surprising degree of both permanent and provisional infrastructure, the Vélib … Continue reading

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A History of Cycling Paths in the Netherlands

The following video provides excellent information and archival video footage regarding the development of cycle paths in the Netherlands.

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A Total Fiasco: Bicycling Infrastructure in Italy

As many travelers past and present have been keen to observe, Italy does many things well- gelato, ravioli, fancy cars and even fancier handbags. Traffic, I must dutifully report, is not part of that impressive repertoire. From the moment one … Continue reading

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Dissecting the Copenhagen Bicycle Path

Though my fastidious investigation of European bicycling infrastructure was initially inspired by my semester-long residence in Copenhagen in the spring of 2009, after a month of cycling through the Netherlands, I found myself rather underwhelmed at the prospect of reevaluating … Continue reading

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